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01 September 2010 @ 08:20 pm
it's that time again!

Go Bucks!
18 July 2010 @ 07:08 pm
And now begins the 3 week long torture by sewing.
10 December 2009 @ 10:27 pm
Took a trip to the North Market today.

I had seen a knife in the newest Food Network magazine that I was interested in (it is hot pink- go figure)
and the trusty Dispatch gift suggestions had it listed one day as available at the cooking equipment store
at the North Market. So, nothing better to do, off I go. Found the knife- well, not THE knife- they did not have a 8" chef's displayed,
but i tryed on the santouko and the 10"slicer for size.
Very colorful ( baked on food grade resin, IIRC), but I thought that the santouko was a bit lightweight ( I like a knife with some heft to it)
and that the handle was a bit too short for my man-paws, urm, hams, urm, hands.
The slicer was a much better fit- don't know if it was because it was longer and balanced better in my hands, or if the handle was actually
longer. For $15 bucks, tho, hey. It was purple. Grape soda float purple. I love it!

Afterward, wandered a bit 'cause I hadn't been in a LONG time, and decided I wanted Jeni's. I mean, you can't go to the NM and NOT get Jeni's, right?

I have 8 words for you:
White Chocolate Evergreen with a Red Currant Garland

Yes, it tastes like pine. But it is very subtle, and the red current and flakes of white chocolate just, well, drool.
It tasted like winter to me. I would eat this every day if I were independently wealthy ( $10 a pint!).

I know- I am weird. Just accept it as fact and move on. I LIKE the taste of pine- have since I was young! There used to be an
old-fashioned country store in the Dayton airport, and once I got a box of spruce gum to chew. Just dried sap, but I liked it.

Really- if you live in Columbus, go to a Jeni's Ice Cream ( NM, Short North, Grandview, and Bexley) and try some. You will not regret it.
26 August 2009 @ 11:29 pm
Well, seeing as how the season opener is next Saturday against Navy, I had to change my picture for the season.

10 May 2009 @ 07:41 pm
Since we decided to take the nephews to Baron Wars I had to garb them, and we (I) decided just to do heraldic tabards of k's device this year.  So, Thursday we go to Jo-Ann's and I got fabric and some squeezy paints to go with what I had gotten at Michaels earlier.  Cut and did the stencilling, and it had to dry 24 hours, so I knew I couldn't actually sew them till late Fri night.  I hung the piees on the drying rack we use at Pennsic.
Friday decided that Chinese was a GOOD IDEA and we actually went out to eat in a restaurant, not picked up Peking House or Panda Express.  We decided to finally try the little chinese rest. across Broad st next to Strader's- we could walk there if we got a wild hair...
It was REALLY good! K got orange shrimp, and the shrimps were big- like 18-20 ct, and they were nice and added fried tofu and the spicy sauce from one veggie dish to the Buddhist delight, which had a much larger selection of veggies, for me. TASTY!
My fortune said to eat my fruits and vegetables for good health, which I found very funny, since I had just consumed a lot of veggies!

Sat we got up and went to Baron Wars, the gale year. K's parents brought the boys down, and we had a pretty good time, all in all, despite the 40-50 mph winds, cloud cover, and basically freezing our buts off all day.  The boys had polar fleece cloaks we had bought for them 2 yrs ago at BW, but ony had on sweatshirts under, and even with 4 layers ( chemise, underdress ( very lihght cotton) and new early anglosaxon peplos covered with a plaid, and somethimes a cloak) I was frozen.  I was having very pornographic thoughts about the Starbucks up the road, and had to stop on the way to dinner.
It was so nice to see the boys.  I just love them to death, and they don't get to see their Uncle K very much, with us down here and them up there, but we think we'll try and work some more visits in- maybe individually, since it is getting harder to get all three free ( esp after Aug, since they'll all be in football, then wrestling and basketball, ...

Spent the night at K's parents ( short MIL visit=good thing), she loved her prezzies, and we came home.  We were gonna see Star Trek, but have postponed till maybe Thursday 'cause we be tired.

I can totally see the appeal of the bog dress.  Once I figured out how to make it it was fine.  I need to get some more suitable material and try again- I may try tapering it a bit at the top so that it is not so bulky under the arms, and I am definitely making the foldover part longer ( so I can used it as a hood when it's cold...).  I was working with some remnants I got in Cincy and they weren't that long to begin with.  I realy like it.
05 April 2009 @ 10:49 pm
So we returned tonight from Toledo, and the Poodles' parental summons for his birthday.
I love his parents, but his mom drives me insane, and I'll leave it at that, since I could go on and on...

Saturday we all went to the Toledo Zoo- they have SEALS there!  I was very content to just watch the seals.  They kept going down and lying on the bottom of the tank- like they were snoozin', and then coming up and doing it again after some swimming around.  One decided to lie on the big rock thing in the tank right in front of us and turn on his ( her?) back.  I took pictures but don't know if any will turn out- water, glass and flash do not necessarily add up to a good shot.
I KNOW I got some awesome pictures of the sloth bear- he decided to play with his ball and I was all alone watching him and could lean on the railing to steady my hands.

Then home for yet another casserole ( don't ask) and cake, then helped Dad plot a course to drive to ME in the fall.  Ma doesn't seem to think there is anything to do in Vermont, and has her heart set on seeing some moose.  They saw some elk at a place in PA last year, and I think she thinks that the moose will be the same sort of greedy bastards the elk were.  Moose are REALLY shy, and I just don't have the heart to tell her.  Jeesh!

Today we went to the Toledo Museum of Art, including the Libbey Glass Paviliion.  One word- WOW!
In the glass pavilion they have a display of glassware from Roman and Egyption stuff all the way to current.  The early stuff was incredible!
They have part of a Chihuly hanging piece that is clear glass that he partnered with the cutters from the Waterford factory on- the typical Chihuly pointy bulbs are all waterford-style cut glass- all different designs.  Stunning!  There is also a jewelry exhibit and they do glass blowing demos, too.
In the actual museum we didn't even get through the first floor- mostly because of me.  I kept looking closely at all the paintings, especially the period ones, looking for neat little details that could possibly become A&S projects! 
The best part of the museum is the Cloisters.  They have an actual replica of a cloister walk, with honest to God medieval archways saved from French abbeys, and some absolutely STUNNING medieval art, including, wait for it, a piece of mid 14th c. opus anglicanum and or nue that is mounted so that you can get right up close ( if you are 5'10', like me), nose against the glass type of thing!  WOW, WOW, and more WOW!  I bought a book in the gift shop about the medieval collection, and it says that another piece of the same embroidery is at the Cleveland Museum of Art.  Guess we have to go there, too.  Oh, damn...

Aside from the typical exasperation with the Ma-beast, not a bad weekend.

MY mom is pressuring me to/threatening to herself if I don't submit a picture of  Mal's birthday cake to Mailbox News- a cake decorating publication that prints pictures of regular people's cakes.  I am not happy with it- wasn't that day.but SHE loves it.  I suppose I could give her the picture, and the MAGAZINE can decide if they want tp print the sloppy -ass thing.
17 March 2009 @ 10:59 pm
Ok. So I found and bought a potholder loom at the thrift store for $1.91.
It had the loom, complete with partially-completed potholder, the long crochet hook, instructions, and a bunch of nylon loops.
Not a bad deal.

I went to Hobby lobby today and spent about $6 on 2 big bags of cotton-blend loops ( because it's harder to melt cotton) (I had a 40%off coupon)
and when I got home I made 2 potholders.

Can I just say how much freakin'  fun it was?  It's been easily 30 years since I made a potholder, and I just had a blast!  I think I'm gonna have to go with the nylon loops, tho, because a LOT of the cotton ones wouldn't even stretch all the way across the loom.  Bleh.
Besides, they come in much more fun colors!
I have no idea what I'm gonna do with these, so if you get gifted, I apologize in advance!

On a much sadder note, I just found out that the lady I met at Plimoth Plantation last summer, when I got to see the jacket, along with at least one other person key to the jacket project, has been let go due to the economic status of the museum.  AND, the entire exhibition that was planned around the jacket has been cancelled!  Crap, Crap, and more CRAP!
One of the other ladies, Tricia, who was a volunteer, not an employee, has agreed to see the project through, and then the jacket will be on display at a couple of prominent museums ( they can't say which ones yet).

This sucks so much.  I was looking forward to the exhibit, and all, but Jill is a VERY nice lady, and while she will continue to work on the project to completion,  I hate that she is no longer at the museum.   I guess they let 7 people go, and if 2 were in the costume dept alone, wow!  I enjoyed visiting the plantation so much- I just hope that these cutbacks do not affect it too much more, especially in what people actually get to experience.

I am just so bummed by this...
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04 March 2009 @ 10:24 pm
So, ORC is cancelled.  Can't say that I am surprised- only 3 teachers- me,  Aislenn, and Giles- for the cooking part of it, and it was a COOKING symposium.

Can't say that I am disappointed, either.  The next few months are shaping up to be UNGODLY busy, and I really was not at all thrilled about teaching this time round.  Especially as the time grew nearer and I was the only class...

Now maybe I can make an optometrist appt and get some new glasses- ones that don't have dog bites in the lens!
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02 March 2009 @ 08:15 pm
with winter!

Usually I LIKE winter, and am perfectly happy with tons of snow.  But this year the bitter cold and wind has just
completely alienated me.  This last bit sucks big time.
So, I am dreaming of the beach, and collecting beach glass...  I just love beach glass.
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27 February 2009 @ 09:55 pm
BAD day at work+2 glasses of Raspberry White Russian- no extra booze=totally trashed T.

What a lightweight I've become!